Oakville-Burlington Vehicle Maintenance - Repair or Replace your Car

When the new models are out, its hard not to want to replace "Old Faithful" in your driveway with one of the sleeker, shinier cars. Even though your current car is paid for and may only need some fresh paint, some new tires, and a new transmissionů

When an older car needs repairs, often the fastest solution lies in a new car. Often, though, if just the amount needed for down payment were spent on your old car, it would be serviceable for another year or two. Statistically, more owners are fixing up and driving their old cars and the average car age is now about 9 years.

If the cost of the combined repairs far exceeds the value of your old car, chances are you should simply buy a new version of your current car, if not trade up.

Arguments for fixing up you car:

Arguments for replacing.

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