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Canada is an immense country. It is very diverse in its people, its landscape, its climate and its way of life. However, Canadians do share the same important values. These values guide and influence much of our everyday life. These are values of pride, a belief in equality and diversity and respect for all individuals in society. Women, men, children and seniors are all equally respected in Canada. Canadians may be different from each other but it is these shared values that make Canada a friendly, caring, peace-loving and secure society in which to live.

Canadian Immigration Program
Immigration programs include three Main Canadian Immigration categories and other three Temporary Immigration Categories. The 'Main Canadian Immigration categories' are: Independent Skilled Class Category, Business Immigration Category, Family Class Category and the 'Temporary Immigration Categories' are Student Visa, Employment Authorization, Live-in Caregiver Category.

"Independent Skilled Class Category" is a point system. You must have to achieve a minimum of 67 points for permanent residence. Points are awarded by Age, Education, Languages, Occupation, Years of Experience, Family in Canada, and adaptability factors. Applicants are required to pass a medical examination, and meet financial requirements - proving that they can be successfully established in Canada. Candidates will be required to clear background or security checks.

The Government of Canada publishes a list of specific occupations which have been graded and have determined occupations which are admissible. In order to apply for the "independent" or "skilled worker" category, you must be described in one of these occupations. These occupations also have specific educational and experience requirements which are described in the National Occupations Classification Manual.

"Business Immigration Category" promotes economic development and employment by attracting people with venture capital and entrepreneurial skills. Individuals with business/managerial experience having high net worth may apply under one of the following sub-categories Investor, Entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur must have to establish a qualifying Canadian business in Canada and he has to show his progress report to immigration officials on regular basis during three-year period. Also, employment opportunities must be created for at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident, other than the entrepreneur and/or their dependents.

"Family Class Category" in this a Canadian citizen or a permanent immigrant can sponsor his/her spouse, parents/grandparents, dependent child and orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild - if under the age of 22 and is unmarried. An applicant can also sponsor an adopted child under the age of 22 years, or a child who is orphaned, or placed with a Child Welfare authority for adoption.

If the Sponsor has no relative (as described above) and no relative as a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident in Canada, they are eligible to sponsor one other relative. The sponsor has the responsibility to demonstrate the financial ability to provide basic requirements for living in Canada, if needed, for the individuals and dependents that are to be sponsored in the Family Class, for a specific number of years (presently 3 years for spouse and 10 years for all others). These requirements are eased while sponsoring a spouse and/or unmarried children less than 22 years of age.

Canadian citizens living outside Canada can apply for sponsoring their spouse to Canada even when they live outside Canada. They should demonstrate they would join their spouse in Canada when he/she comes to Canada after sponsorship.

"Student Visa" An international student is a visitor who has been approved by a Canadian Immigration Officer or Visa Officer to study in Canada through acceptance letter from institution they plan to attend. The student authorization document identifis the level of study, and time period that the individual may study in Canada. The student must prove that they have sufficient financial resources to cover tuition and living costs, and satisfy to a Visa Officer that they plan to return home at the end of their studies. They may also be required to pass a medical examination.

International students are allowed to work in Canada only if it is an essential part of the program under study, Work in a field related to their studies- for a period of up to one year after completing their schooling, Graduate- assistant work, To meet financial requirements- when an existing source of funding is cut off through no fault of their own and Work on campus at the institution at which they are registered as full-time student.

"Employment Authorization" foreign individuals who desire to work temporarily in Canada must first have an approved job offer by local Human Resource Center (HRC) and an employment authorization, prior to arrival. If the job meets Canadian labor standards and cannot be filled by a qualified Canadian, the HRC may approve the job offer. Upon receipt of a HRC-approved offer, Visa Officials abroad will decide if the foreign worker qualifies for the employment authorization. They would assess health, character, security, job qualifications and other criteria.

If an employment authorization is issued, it is valid only for a specified job, employer and specific period of time. Some jobs may not need approval, or require an employment authorization, if they are included in the list under special programs by the Government of Canada.

"Live-in Caregiver Category" if you have at least 10 + 2 education and are reasonably good in English so that you can manage in an unsupervised situation and have either Six months training as live-in caregiver or One year paid full time live-in caregiver experience in last 3 years. Canadian employer can apply for live-in caregiver category by just to prove their need and to prove that no Canadian was available for that position after advertising in newspapers. If the person works in Canada as live-in caregiver for 2 years, he/she is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence along with their family.

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