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Social Media are as important to us as they are to our website visitors.

We use our Social Media to connect with our visitors and provide links and information, that may or may not also be in our website, and to alert our "fans" to new, updated, or current information on our websites, and to share information and links on other websites of particular interest to a specific audience.

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We recognize that different audiences (young, old, male, female) congregate on many different Social Media places on the web, by website or by smartphone app. Some are geographically targetedů for different countries, languages, religions, cultural groups. There are over 400 different Social Media sites that we are aware of.

To allow you to share our site content, news, and photos, we link using the AddThis app/plug-in, which by default links to the obvious Social Media (see top list above), but to YOUR ACCOUNTS, not ours. By clicking on the "+" button, you get access to a much parger listing (the top 3 expanded to the top 10) and click again to get access to all 400 available.