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(NC)-Most Canadians use microwaves for simple tasks including re-heating, defrosting and popping popcorn - but these innovative home appliances are capable of much more. Microwave ovens today are incredibly versatile and safe, yet they continue to suffer from persistent myths that stop the average cook from taking advantage of their strengths.

The experts at Panasonic have found three myths that must be debunked in order to unlock the full potential of microwave cooking:

Myth #1: Microwave cooking reduces the nutritional value of food
Fact: Not only do foods cook more quickly in microwave ovens, they can also retain more vitamins and minerals than foods cooked by other methods. The key is not to overcook. One way to lock in maximum taste and nutrition is to incorporate steam into your routine. Today's advanced microwave ovens, like the Panasonic Steam Plus, have this technology built in.

Myth #2: Microwaves use too much energy in the kitchen
Fact: The amount of energy used when operating your microwave oven on High is roughly equal to the energy used when operating a single stovetop element. Because microwaves cook foods so quickly, less time and energy is required to get the same results. Remember, the more food in the microwave the longer it will take to cook. If you're doubling a recipe, increase cooking time by one-half and add extra time as required. If you're halving a recipe, reduce microwave cooking time by one-third..

Myth #3: Microwaves cook foods unevenly

Fact: Microwaves cook differently than conventional ovens but still produce delicious meals that will satisfy every palate. Advances in modern microwave technology have made it possible to cook food quickly, evenly and deliciously. Panasonic's Inverter technology delivers consistent microwave energy that preserves the colour, shape, texture and flavour of food. However, keep in mind that microwaves penetrate the outer edge of food first. Food should always be arranged with thicker portions on the outside of the dish to promote even cooking.

- News Canada

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