Oakville-Halton RSS Feed - New Business Listings in the FoundLocally.com directory for ALL Business Categories RSS Feed of New Business and Organization listings added to the Oakville-Halton Community Directory in the past TWO WEEKS. http://Oakville.FoundLocally.com/Business Copyright 1999-2013 FoundLocally.com Media Inc New Listing: APT Medical Aesthetics (posted 11/18/2017 10:42:12 AM)Our highly trained consultants will work with you to define your goals, educate you on available options, and help you make an informed decision on next steps.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374686http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374686Sat, 18 Nov 2017 0:42::00 AM 0000New Listing: Planet Laser laset tag and birthday parties in Oakville (posted 11/15/2017 10:07:55 PM)Planet Laser provides the Ultimate Birthday Party venue for Oakville, Mississauga & Burlington. Give your kids an action packed birthday party place experience!]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374677http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374677Wed, 15 Nov 2017 0:07::00 PM 0000New Listing: Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center (posted 11/15/2017 8:13:06 PM)Our team at Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center in Burlington, Ontario use themost advanced techniques and scientific principles to help you become your best self.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374647http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374647Wed, 15 Nov 2017 :13:0:00 PM 0000New Listing: Southwest Greens Ontario - Artificial putting green turf Toronto (posted 11/8/2017 9:09:17 PM)Southwest Greens Ontario ensures that clients get a product that stimulates the golf course experience as realistic as possible. Their artificial putting green in Toronto can guarantee the very best in artificial turf.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374586http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374586Wed, 8 Nov 2017 09:17:00 PM 0000New Listing: Best senior home health care Hamilton - Living Assistance Services (posted 11/8/2017 11:25:11 AM)Living Assistance Services wants each senior to see a senior home health care in Hamilton as a positive new beginning. the company knows how the idea of a caregiver may be hard for some seniors to adapt with.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374547http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374547Wed, 8 Nov 2017 :25:1:00 AM 0000New Listing: Oakville Lawyers Will Davidson LLP (posted 11/7/2017 11:58:27 AM)For more than 90 years our firm has specialized in personal injury, property and insurance related claims on behalf of both individuals and insurers. Our focus is the same in every case; to achieve the best possible result for our client.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374479http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374479Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :58:2:00 AM 0000New Listing: Mortgage Cat - Patrick Palmer (posted 11/7/2017 11:53:27 AM)Patrick Palmer an Oakville Mortgage Agent is here to help you save time and money on your next home purchase or mortgage renewal.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374497http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374497Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :53:2:00 AM 0000New Listing: HostPapa (posted 11/7/2017 11:36:55 AM)At HostPapa, we treat our customers like family. That's why we won numerous awards & are consistently ranked as one of the top 10 web hosting companies.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374436http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374436Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :36:5:00 AM 0000New Listing: Garage Door Repair Burlington (posted 11/7/2017 11:26:40 AM)Our garage door repair services will ensure that your overhead garage door is up and running again without any squeaks and squeals.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374395http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374395Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :26:4:00 AM 0000New Listing: Cookie Delivery.ca Oakville (posted 11/7/2017 11:16:47 AM)We deliver the best gourmet cookie gift baskets in Oakville. Our unique cookie boxes, cookie jars, gift baskets, cookie bouquets and other unique gifts are baked fresh for you gift and hand delivered across Oakville. We have free 9-5 cookie delivery.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374312http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374312Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :16:4:00 AM 0000New Listing: Bayridge Counselling Centre (posted 11/7/2017 11:12:10 AM)Bayridge Counselling Centre in Burlington specializes in Therapy, Coaching and Treatment of Depression, Addictions, ADHD, Anxiety, Family and Personal Counselling.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374483http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374483Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :12:1:00 AM 0000New Listing: Locksmith Oakville (posted 11/7/2017 10:27:05 AM)Locksmith Oakville offers premiere emergency locksmith service that you can rely on. From car key made to home burglary repair, office lock change and many more, our expert locksmiths can handle all.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374414http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374414Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :27:0:00 AM 0000New Listing: Maple Dental Office (posted 11/7/2017 11:50:24 AM)Dr. Kapur and his highly trained dental team are caring & experienced professionals who can take care of all of your dental needs and remove the fear and intimidation from your visit.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374328http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=374328Tue, 7 Nov 2017 :50:2:00 AM 0000New Listing: Load Bearing Logistics LTD (posted 11/8/2017 2:55:29 PM)Load Bearing Logistics LTD prides itself on being the go-to choice for clients looking for Cross Docking, Warehouse and Rail Siding services.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=372026http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=372026Wed, 8 Nov 2017 55:29:00 PM 0000New Listing: Be In Motion Physiotherapy (posted 11/18/2017 10:43:29 AM)Be in Motion provides Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Athletic Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy in North Oakville, ON. We proudly serve Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Milton and Surrounding Communiites.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=371626http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=371626Sat, 18 Nov 2017 0:43::00 AM 0000New Listing: Massage Experts Burlington (posted 11/15/2017 10:20:05 PM)Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal Massage, and MORE! All provided by the name you can trust! Massage Experts, where your First Visit Rate is just $59.00!]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=364215http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=364215Wed, 15 Nov 2017 0:20::00 PM 0000