Oakville-Halton RSS Feed - New Business Listings in the FoundLocally.com directory for ALL Business Categories RSS Feed of New Business and Organization listings added to the Oakville-Halton Community Directory in the past TWO WEEKS. http://Oakville.FoundLocally.com/Business Copyright 1999-2013 FoundLocally.com Media Inc New Listing: K1 Kickboxing Academy (posted 9/18/2017 6:21:10 PM)From boxing and kickboxing, to weight and personal training, K1 Kickboxing Academy in Burlington, Ontario has training available for beginners to pros. We are currently the home of provincial, national and world champions.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373963http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373963Mon, 18 Sep 2017 21:10:00 PM 0000New Listing: Ponka Verbatim Reporting Services Inc. (posted 9/16/2017 3:33:23 PM)A full-service court reporting and legal transcription company.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373861http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373861Sat, 16 Sep 2017 33:23:00 PM 0000New Listing: Life Hearing Solutions Oakville (posted 9/16/2017 3:29:11 PM)The best hearing aids services, with the latest technologies, such as Blue tooth, WIFI, with the lowest price, the longest trial period and the longest warranty period, and raked with the highest customer satisfaction rate]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373528http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373528Sat, 16 Sep 2017 29:11:00 PM 0000New Listing: Parties'N'More Inc. (posted 9/16/2017 3:21:00 PM)Providing Oakville with Quality Balloons With a large selection of balloons, Our customers can create the balloon design that best fits their event. • We also do balloon art â€...]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373946http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373946Sat, 16 Sep 2017 21:00:00 PM 0000New Listing: Birthday Parties Oakville (posted 9/16/2017 3:04:59 PM)Seeking Birthday party places? Planet Laser provides Birthday Party venues for Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington. Make you Kid's Party more Entertaining. Call us now for your next reservation!]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373623http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373623Sat, 16 Sep 2017 04:59:00 PM 0000New Listing: Best Rates (posted 9/16/2017 10:37:54 AM)Best Mortgage Rates - We Have Them !!! If you are buying your first home or looking to refinance a mortgage, he Have The Best Mortgage Rates from Ottawa, ON to Vancouver, BC.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373395http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373395Sat, 16 Sep 2017 :37:5:00 AM 0000New Listing: Dr Jameela Jifri - Scott and Derry Dental Care (posted 9/13/2017 11:02:40 AM)Scott And Derry Dental Care offers hi-tech, quality cosmetic and family dentistry in a friendly and comfortable environment. We pride ourselves on our clinical excellence offered with unparalled customer service.]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373843http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=373843Wed, 13 Sep 2017 :02:4:00 AM 0000New Listing: Natural Health Clinic of Halton (posted 9/16/2017 3:25:20 PM)Our Services include:- Naturopathy- Massage Therapy- Acupuncture- Osteopathy- Homeopathy- Dietary Counseling- Lifestyle Counseling]]>http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=372105http://oakville.foundlocally.com/Business/ViewCorp.asp?CorpID=372105Sat, 16 Sep 2017 25:20:00 PM 0000